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Why Choose Counsel360?

We are passionate about helping customers realise the benefits of digital transformation in mental health services. Use the power of technology to enhance your customer experience and transform the way you work, simplify your daily tasks and automate your services.

Let us introduce you to Counsel360 a secure online platform that provides all the essential tools to run a high-quality mental health service.

Counsel 360

Performance & Communication

We provide the tools to help you run an effective counselling service, engage your clients with our easy-to-use platform allowing you to make a difference for your clients.

Coordinate your team with secure and controlled access to key client data, operational and financial information at the click of a button.

Client Experience &
Team Engagement

Quickly onboard your clients to ensure they are matched to the right counsellor and are fully engaged using the inbuilt online forms and assessments. Automated SMS alerts ensure appointments are never missed.

Coordinate the care of your clients and allow your team to work collaboratively to provide the best care for your clients.

Outcomes Measures

The inbuilt evaluations module provides access to an assessments library, providing instant scoring and outcomes measurement results at the click of a button.

Monitor and track outcomes measures and progress throughout the Client Journey.

Analysis & Insight

Counsel360 provides instant access to all the information you need…

  • Dashboards & Quick Links
  • Client & Cases
  • Counsellor Info
  • Evaluations & Assessments
  • Finance & Reports
  • Understand your service and business performance. Track utilisation, client journeys, finance & payments and critical reporting to funders and key stakeholders.

    Onboarding & Training

    Our dedicated team will guide you step by step to get you up and running and provide focused Admin and Counsellor training to assist in the onboarding of your clients.

    Access quick “how to” videos within the Counsel360 platform. Get your staff and counsellors up and running in no time!